Welcome to CISO Central

Hello, good evening and welcome

Well to quote Sir David Frost’s famous opening, “Hello, good evening and welcome”. Okay, so it may not be evening, but hello and welcome to CISO-Central anyway.

We have taken it upon ourselves to build this site as a resource to provide practical security advice and guidance to fellow professionals and organisations. The premise is for seasoned security professionals to impart their experience in a way that gives the reader something practical to take away, consider and potentially implement.

The reason we saw the need to build CISO-Central is because collectively we were tired of security resources, presentations and thought leadership being significantly absent of real actionable content that actually increases the knowledge of the reader. Having attended many conferences and read numerous articles which offer simply theoretical, buzz-word laden content that provides no practical usage, we thought it was time for a change.

The initial content is spearheaded by a comprehensive whitepaper detailing a framework for the prevention of fraudulent Email, whilst also enabling organisations to utilise Email as an effective communication method for their customer base. Fraudulent Email has a huge impact globally as a major enabler for cyber crime, with current estimates placing the global impact of near £300bn per annum. The premise of the paper is to enable organisations to take control of their domains and prevent the fraudulent abuse therein, but moreover, it is a framework for global action against this scourge. Without global collegiate action we will not truly counter this threat, such is the widespread risk to ourselves, our customers and our organisations.

Hopefully this gives you a flavour of the type of content we will be providing, although we will develop a mixture of content, from whitepapers, thought leadership, articles, blogs, forums, polls and anything else you the reader would like to see. We have some really great content, from some serious experts, waiting in the pipeline covering many subjects in the InfoSec and Cyber space that we will be publishing shortly.

CISO-Central will only be as valuable as the content we publish and that is where the onus is on the contributors to distil complex subjects into real content with depth and richness. We welcome contributions from any sources, but will critique all content to ensure it provides value to all our readers. As such you can be sure that the content we provide will be of value, though we also welcome your feedback and critique on all of the site’s content to ensure its true value.

If you do wish to contribute to the community, then please get in touch and let us know what you have got to offer.

That’s it for now. All that’s left is to say:

Sign up, take in, enjoy and please let us know your thoughts.


Iain & Ed – Co-Founders of CISO-Central