About CISO Central

The information security industry is awash with buzz words and theory, often with little focus on practical content, and so the intent of this service is to build a forum where information security professionals can exchange their knowledge and gain from the experience of others in the InfoSec community.

The goal of the service is to focus on relevant real-world technical content rather than theoretical frameworks and to share the experience of seasoned security professionals in a way that the reader can take-away as actionable information. We want to be ‘the Haynes manual’ of information security rather than the glossy brochure, so expect a more ‘spanners & screwdrivers’ approach to issues and less ‘fluff’.

The site’s guides and white papers are intended to allow the reader to understand the complexities of issues and technologies, and so be able to use that understanding to make informed decisions over options, understanding the pros & cons of different approaches and how they might go about deploying a solution to address a particular issue.

CISO-Central is vendor and solution agnostic. We will not recommend any particular product or solution, but aim to provide impartial advice on solutions and approaches, which may encompass explaining how certain products of technologies deliver information security benefits.

Ultimately this site is intended as a forum for information security professionals, by information security professionals, and we are open to ideas, comments and content. We hope you will enjoy the service and wish to contribute.